Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club

No Lives Lost at Bondi Beach

Day: July 21, 2022

Big thanks to the team today w

Big thanks to the team today who took on the mighty task of clearing up the tunnel after weeks and months of rain and tides.

With 8-12” (that’s 30cm to Young uns) of sand through the tunnel, my Google calculator says that it was about 57 tons of sand to move – so a digger had to be used!

Thanks to our Gear Steward Micheal Delaney for leading the charge and we could not have done without the amazing efforts of Micheal Mahoney on the dozer.

Thanks to the team who put in the work moving sand and clearing up – Evie Wheeler, Jonathan Potts, Callum Jones, Denise Meuldijk and Laura and the Gear Steward Emeritus Bruce Wynne for tackling the job.

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