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No Lives Lost at Bondi Beach

We lower our flag today to pay

We lower our flag today to pay our respects to Tanya Jackson.

Born 14.4.71 (51) in Canberra, wife to Brent, mother of Jack, sister to Amanda and Michelle, daughter of Sanya Ritchie and Eric Mawson.

Tanya lived her life with passion and purpose, and loved watching her son grow into a man. She passed away at home this morning surrounded by family and friends.

Tanya was a long service member, Vice Captain of Craven Patrol, one of our first female Vice Presidents (’03), scanner of the Annual Reports, Historic photos, Bondi Surfers and Doins, driver of the 100 year book and surf club museum projects, and a proud runner up in the 2003 Mike Shearman.

Funeral service at Bondi Surf Club, date to be advised.
Tanya requested no flowers, but welcomes donations to the surf club for the Museum. Contact Brent for any questions.

We lower our flag today to pay

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We lower our flag today to pay

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