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Month: January 2023

Congratulations to all of the

Congratulations to all of the JLOTY Finalists from across the Surf Life Saving Sydney Clubs – well done to the winners and especially to the finalists from Bondi.

Emily Alder – Finalist as Female Junior lifesaver
Kelian Bourgeois – Finalist who received a Highly Commended as Male junior lifesaver

Many thanks to the Sponsors Betty’s Burgers for their support of our Junior Lifesavers, and to Waverley Council Mayor Paula Masselos, Mayor of Waverley, for being part of our presentation today.

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A wonderful reflection ceremon

A wonderful reflection ceremony held at dawn this morning on the beach to recognise the resilience and survival of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their continuous connection to Country.

A beautiful morning at the beach with lots of club members in attendance.

It’s clearly going to be a hot and busy day for our patrols today so please swim between the flags and wear plenty of sunscreen!

Excitement is growing! Interna

Excitement is growing!
International Women’s Day at Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club
On Saturday 4th March 2023 Bondi SBLSC is having their annual Pink Patrol.
The patrol is formed every year with women from across our organisation and this year is gearing up to be one to remember with 70 Surf Life Saving members already registered from across many clubs.
This event helps raise awareness about the various roles and opportunities available in lifesaving, helping to empower females to build their operational capability and capacity.
The aim is to increase the number of women actively patrolling, as well as see more women represented across all facets of lifesaving.
The days activities will also include our Surf Life Saving assests from our UAV’s, IRB’s and RWC where our women leaders in the field will share their knowledge and skill in these areas and many other pathways and leadership opportunities on offer.
If you would be interested in attending and being part of this amazing patrol please reach out or fill in the form. Registration closes 25th February.
Everyone welcome.

Or if you would like to be involed in sponsoring or supporting this opportunity please contact
Nixy Krite :

🎬 Check out some of last year’s 2022 Pink Patrol

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BINGE is set to welcome global

BINGE is set to welcome global WWE Superstars for a one-of-a-kind spectacle at Sydney’s Bondi Beach on Monday, 23 January.
The beachside event, to be held at Bondi Surf Bathers’ Life Saving Club at 10 am, is to celebrate BINGE as the new streaming home of WWE Network in Australia.
Attending the event is highly famed international WWE Tag Team, and current NXT Tag Team Champions, ‘The New Day’ – Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods alongside Big E.
This exciting campaign event comes after the Foxtel Group announced its exclusive partnership with WWE in Australia last September.

Congratulations to Michael Hal

Congratulations to Michael Hallam, Noah Kaplan, Eddy
Cavanagh, Ronny Krite and Simon Smith for being awarded the October Sydney Branch Rescue of the Month.

On Monday 3 October at 11am, Michael Hallam (PC – Nightingale) noticed a surfer fall off and hit their head on anothersurf board.

Michael immediately tasked Noah out on a board to assist the patient. While Noah was paddling out we noticed a surfer grabbed the patient and started violently waving and calling out for help. The patient was underwater and had lost consciousness, the surfer was struggling to keep the patient up. Eddy Cavanagh started heading out as well, he helped Noah get the unconscious patient onto the board and Noah started paddling in, he was struggling initially, and then was able to catch a wave into the beach.

Simon and a lifeguard carried the patient out of the water and onto dry sand, they started chest compressions after determining the patient had no pulse or respiration. Ronny arrived as the patient started shallow breathing. They started ventilation with the BVM, Ronny ensuring a good seal and Simon was timing to the patients shallow breathing to ensure that the maximum amount of oxygen could get into the lungs.

After a few minutes we noticed the patient’s eyes become clearer and he started regaining consciousness.

Ronny managed the airway of the patient for the duration of the incident, ensuring the airway was cleared and working in collaboration with the lifeguards to continue with treatment as the scenario unfolded.

The patient left in the ambulance, stable and conscious.

We have subsequently seen the patient and he has had a full recover with no residual problems.

Amazing work team!

Last year over 30 women came t

Last year over 30 women came together to patrol our iconic beach – Bondi SBLSC Pink Patrol.
This year we will be continuing our mission.

Last year’s Pink patrol was a huge success and brought awareness about the various roles and opportunities available to women in lifesaving, helping to empower females to build their operational capability and capacity. It was also an opportunity for female members from across the Club/ Branch/State to get to know each other and develop their lifesaving skills in a supportive environment

The women of Pink Patrol came from all over Sydney Branch/State/ National and formed an outstanding representation of everything we have to offer in surf lifesaving and Bondi.

Please join us for patrol, lunch and guest speakers.
All members across all clubs and branches are welcome.
Saturday – March 4th 2023
Bondi Beach
8am to 1.15pm
Lunch – 1.15pm to 3pm
Please fill out the form so we can cater for all members.
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The Nieuwjaarsduik (which lite

The Nieuwjaarsduik (which literally translates to New Year’s Dive), is the yearly Dutch tradition of running into the freezing winter waters to celebrate the beginning of a new year.
In the absence of the freezing water, the Dutch run into Bondi’s not so freezing NYD waters…… Always crazy especially when there are thousands of other beachgoers.
Thank you to all the extra patrollers who turned up to help today and over the last few days, you guys are awesome ❤️
Happy New Year everyone !!! cheers to a terrific year ahead in 2023

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