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Month: May 2023

Round 3 Winners of the Rubber

Round 3 Winners of the Rubber Ducky Awards

Julie Pritchard
Congratulations to Julie, the winner of the prestigious Rubber Ducky Award for the IRB Racing Team at Bondi! In an exhilarating Round 3 Carnival held at Bulli, Julie’s outstanding performance stood out among the competitors.
Julie, a talented and determined woman, has proven herself to be an exceptional athlete. Her unwavering commitment and dedication to her craft and her crew have resulted in remarkable success throughout all her races. Even in the face of challenging conditions, Julie showcased remarkable courage and skill, pushing herself beyond her limits to achieve greatness.
Not only is Julie a remarkable racer, but she is also an invaluable team player. Always ready to jump into any role to fill in gaps for the team, she consistently goes above and beyond to support her teammates. In this particular round, Julie demonstrated her versatility by driving, swimming in the Tube event, and providing unwavering support to her fellow team members on the line.
Julie’s exceptional performance, both as an individual racer and as a team player, has truly set her apart. Her hard work, determination, and enthusiasm are an inspiration to all, making her a deserving recipient of the Round 3 IRB Rubber Ducky Award. Congratulations, Julie, on this well-deserved achievement, and may your success continue to propel you to new heights in your future endeavors!

Temaika Mason
Congratulations to Tee, the deserving winner of the Rubber Ducky Award. Tee, truly shone during the Round 3 Carnival at Bulli, displaying exemplary teamwork and dedication.
Throughout the weekend’s races, Tee demonstrated unparalleled skill and agility as our Super Star Handler & Wrangler. Despite the daunting shore dumps that tested our abilities, he fearlessly took charge, ensuring the smooth operation of our boats on the line. Without his expert handling, the launches could have turned into disastrous situations.
But Tee’s contributions didn’t end there. With boundless energy and unwavering commitment, he tirelessly assisted in bringing boats to the line. This thankless and challenging task was handled with utmost grace and determination, showcasing his selflessness and commitment to the team’s success.
Beyond his remarkable skills, Tee’s large and friendly presence has endeared him to everyone on the team. His positive and enthusiastic attitude has brought an extra layer of camaraderie and joy to our racing endeavors. Tee truly embodies the spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork, making him an invaluable asset to the IRB Racing Team.
Congratulations once again to Tee on his well-deserved award. Your remarkable performance and unwavering dedication have earned you the admiration and respect of the entire Bondi IRB racing team. We look forward to witnessing your continued success and achievements in the world of IRB racing. Keep up the fantastic work, Tee!
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IRBSERIES23// Bondi IRB Racing

IRBSERIES23// Bondi IRB Racing Team headed off to Bulli for Round 3 of the Surf Life Saving NSW Sharkskin IRB Premiership.

This was the first carnival most events were raced except the rookies and relay race.

Our team once again worked hard under new pressures with changing of categories and not being able to then fill that category with the rules with patients and numbers.

Those that raced achieved outstanding results and great technical racing executed.

45 Plus

Top Guns – Ronny Krite. Glen Mussillon, Julie Pritchard, Steve Hackers, Brodie Mezie and Luana Ellis – 4th Teams Rescue

Thelma and Louise – Julie Pritchard, Kirsten Newrick and Eli Magee – 6th Rescue Tube

Open Females

Chaotic Kittens – Julie Prichard, Alex MacLaughlin, Kristen Newrick and Cooper Harris – 6th Mass Rescue

The Team achieved 11 points to build on our premiership rounds.

Well done Team Bondi 👏 2 more rounds to go in the Premiership series !

Big thanks to our officials Laura Manuel and Jamie without your time dedicated to officalling at our carnivals our team could not compete 🤍💙

Round 4 coming up in 2 weeks at Broulee SLSC 10th and 11th June

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Sadly, we lower our flag to ha

Sadly, we lower our flag to half mast today to honour one of the clubs’ past Australian champions.

Vale Damien Wilson
Born 27/03/1971 to 27/05/2023
SRC 21/02/1985 and Bronze medallion 21/12/1986
Australian Champion 1987-88 Junior Surf Board Riding Competition

Damien was also the son of Kim Wilson, an instructor and IRB driver.

Funeral details will be advised when known

Oh, What a night!!!! We would

Oh, What a night!!!! We would be guessing there will be a lot of sore heads today, after such a monumental evening at the Annual Ball.
A huge thanks to the following people, without these volunteers we would not have been able to pull off such a great night
Caroline Pierce, Lucy Jennings, Gino Farina, Michael Delaney, Mason Kemeny, Dylan Hackers, Anna Booth, Annabelle Peterson, and Michael Hallam.
Also a big thanks to George and Matt for the food and beverage, the bar and wait staff, Bodhi, Mia, Guilia, Ellie, and Pancho.
The regent st big band with Sara O’Connor, DJ Tony and Sam King for dressing and lighting the room. Sorry if I have forgotten anyone.
There will be lots of photos (thank you Mona for the great pics) which we will post shortly, but for now, I need to go and have a nanna nap …….WHAT A TERRIFIC NIGHT!!!!!

#IRBSERIES23// Want to Catch t

#IRBSERIES23// Want to Catch the IRB Action this weekend!

Bondi IRB Racing Team will be heading to Bulli for Round 3 of the Sharkskin Surf Life Saving NSW IRB Premiership on the 27th and 28th May 8am to 4pm (times vary depending on conditions)

Best of luck to the team
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