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Round 5 Winners of the Rubber

Round 5 Winners of the Rubber Ducky Awards

Glen Mussillon
Congratulations to Glen, the well-deserved winner of the Bondi IRB Rubber Ducky Award for his outstanding performance in Round 5 at South West Rocks! Glen has continuously demonstrated his unwavering commitment and dedication to the Bondi team.
Glen’s willingness to take initiative and ensure that all boats are ready and in position for each competitor exemplifies his exceptional team spirit. His contribution as a trailer packing savior has not gone unnoticed, showcasing his reliability and dedication to the success of the team.
With a thirst for knowledge and a genuine eagerness to learn, Glen’s enthusiasm for understanding all aspects of IRB racing and equipment sets him apart. His dedication to honing his skills as both a Crewman and an upcoming star as a Driver has been evident, particularly in the Relay event where his talent truly shone.
Beyond his impressive skills and dedication, Glen’s friendly and calming presence has a positive impact on the entire team.
Congratulations, Glen, on this well-deserved recognition. Your hard work, teamwork, and positive attitude have made a significant impact on the success and unity of the team.

Alicia Rosado
Congratulations to Alicia on her well-deserved victory as the winner of the Bondi IRB Rubber Ducky Award for Round 5. Alicia’s passion for the IRB has shone brightly since obtaining her IRB Crew Certificate. Despite facing an early-season injury, her remarkable resilience, strength, and unwavering determination propelled her back into the racing scene. In her first year of IRB racing, Alicia has not only exceeded expectations in her events as a Crew and Patient but has also displayed her selflessness by assisting her fellow teammates in bringing boats to the line. Her commitment to fostering camaraderie and making friends within the team has made her a cherished presence, as she is loved by all her teammates. Alicia’s outstanding performance and invaluable contributions make her a highly valued and respected member of the team. Congratulations, Alicia, on this well-earned accomplishment!

Round 5 Winners of the Rubber

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Round 5 Winners of the Rubber

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