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Month: July 2023

IRBChamps2023// The Bondi IRB

The Bondi IRB Racing Team headed to Cudgen Kingscliff last week for the Sharkskin Australian IRB Championships for 2023.
35 clubs came together for 4 days of action packed racing.
Its been a long 10 months of preparations, rebuilding and training for the racing team and it all came down to these past 4 days of competition up against the best in the country.
And what an end to their campaign!
Our opens, under 23s and Masters pushed hard to work through heats, quarter finals, semis and finals in some tricky condition’s.

Bondi came away with 4th overall in the Masters Championships bringing home some bling and points for the overall point score.
Congratulations to all the members of the Racing team for an outstanding season and to our Australian IRB Champion medallists.

Bronze Medal 🥉- Masters Female Surf Rescue – Bondi Beaches
Kristy Smith, Nixy Krite, and Brodie Mezie

Bronze Medal 🥉- Masters Female Teams Rescue – Pink Ladies – Kristy Smith, Nixy Krite, Brodie Mezei, Kirsten Newrick, Ashleigh Breaden, Elijah Magee

4th Place – Master Female Mass Rescue – Team Thelma and Louise – Kirsten Newrick, Ashleigh Breaden, Cooper Harris and Tom McIntyre

5th Place – Masters Female Tube Rescue – Bondi Beaches – Kristy Smith, Nixy Krite and Tom McIntyre

Big thanks to our officials Jamie Vueti and Pam Vallis amazing team not only through Aussies but the whole season.

Steve Hackers the teams manager thank you for the season of organisation and administration.
Hours of unseen work achieved to get the team to every carnival and on race days keeping them on track.

Nixy Krite our teams IRB Performance Coach for the hours spent coaching, recruiting and building a successful inclusive team.

To the whole IRB Racing team thank you for representing and flying Bondi Flag so proudly.
Your time and dedication throughout the racing season has been outstanding 👏

The team now starts on preparations for the patrol season and our IRB trainers within the team are training the drivers course in a week.

Never stops for our dedicated IRB teams.

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IRBSERIES23// SLSNSW Sharkskin IRB Premiership Point Score is confirmed and medals were presented on Saturday afternoon.

Challenging rounds with many changes to race structure, conditions and a new season of rebuilding of Bondi IRB Racing Team.
And what a team it has become and only getting stronger.
The team points accumulated over the five rounds and place 9th securing a place in the top 10 clubs in the state.
Outstanding achievement 👏

Final medals
SILVER MEDAL- Amazing result for our Rookies !!
Team Maori and Maui – Elijah Magee (Driver), Temaika Mason (Crew), Cooper Harris (Patient) and Tom McIntyre (Patient) achieving a Silver medal in the Rookie Mass Rescue.
This is the first year of racing together as a team and for 3 of them their first year taking on IRB Racing.
Well done Team Maori and Maui.

BRONZE MEDAL – Bondi Beaches – Kristy Smith (Driver), Nixy Krite (Crew/ Swimmer) and Tom McIntyre (Kicker) took out a Bronze medal in the Women’s 35s IRB Rescue Tube.
Well done Bondi Beaches

We wish the team the best as they head to Aussies next week.
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The IRB team hit the road on Friday and started the series off with scrutineering.
The amazing volunteers including our very own Jamie Vueti help scrutineer all teams gear for many hours on the Friday to ensure everyone’s craft and equipment meet regulations.
Saturday morning the team hit the water with guns up at 8am.
Two solid days of racing with our teams navigating the day through heats, quarters, semis and onto finals.
The teams made 6 finals and this included the Open Relay.
The Open Relay consists of every single event rolled into one race requiring 16 athletes plus a patient boat driver.
Its a fast, exciting and skilled race of endurance and team work.
Our team shone and finished with a clean race and no disqualifications landing them in 4th position.
Was the highlight of the State Championships for our team.
Bondi overall point score finished us in 13th position at State Championships 2023

Bronze Medal – 35s Female Teams – Pink ladies Kristy Smith, Nixy Krite, Eli Magee, Ashleigh Breaden, Alex Ayscough and Brodie Mezie

4th – 45s Mixed Rescue – Bondi Beaches – Kristy Smith, Nixy Krite and Brodie Mezie.

4th – Open Relay – Kill switch Turtles 🐢 The whole Team !!

Congratulations to the IRB Racing team for their outstanding efforts and proudly flying the Bondi Flag.

Big thanks to the team officials Samantha Wolf, Laura Manuel, Pam Vallis and Jamie Vueti the team couldn’t race without your time, help and support at the carnivals.

And Team manager Steve Hackers who even made a patient appearance in the Relay so the whole team could compete. Thank you Steve for keeping the team organised.

In less than 2 weeks the team head to the SLSA Australian IRB Championships in Kingscliff from the 19th to the 23rd July 2023.

Keep an eye out for team updates over the coming days and more photos 📸
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