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#POOLRESCUE23// What a day for

#POOLRESCUE23// What a day for Team Bondi 👏

A world record and and plenty of gold on day two of the Australian Pool Rescue Championships on the Gold Coast for team Bondi.
A medal tally of eight gold five silver and 8 bronze medals has our masters team well placed to defend their title of overall point score champions. A gold medal in world record time to Dori Miller and gold medals to team mates Juliann Desjardins, Jo Delmodes, Laura Manuel, Laura Thurtell, Alison Pegg, Lisa Critoph and Christie Krenkles has given the team plenty of momentum going into the final day and a half of competition.
The old boys crew of Rick Van Kampen, Nick Nezval, Chris Wight and Paul Dooley have all won minor medals. Anna Horsman at her first championships has won two bronze medals.

Ethan Garland and Dori have also been on NSW state team duties, no doubt they are sleeping well of a night.
More to come…..

#POOLRESCUE23// What a day for

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#POOLRESCUE23// What a day for

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