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The 2023/24 season is official

The 2023/24 season is officially underway, and boy, did it kick off with a bang! A huge shoutout to Meagher Patrol and PC Mark Fabik And Phil Schardt for getting the party started this morning.

Next up was the mighty Jeppesen; let me tell you, it was a start to remember! We had some fresh-faced Bronzies on their first official patrol and plenty of subs in the mix. Special thanks go out to Robyn Farmer for her proficiencies, Michael Hallam for lending a helping hand, and a round of applause for Matt Tracey, who just unlocked his silver medallion. Gino Farina, our new admin director, deserves a standing ovation for keeping us fueled with snacks.

And of course, we can’t forget Bruce Wynne, our resident roving OC (Original Character), who’s always entertaining. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be Bruce for a day?

Last but not least, I am always proud to step up and fill the shoes of our fearless leader and the VP of our mighty club Felicity Macarthur while she is on leave (I look great in heels) 🤣

To all you Jeppesen legends who’ve been here for the long haul, thanks for sticking around for yet another season of fun and adventure!
23/24 season BRING IT!!!

The 2023/24 season is official

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The 2023/24 season is official

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