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Club Life Photography – Finalists

Photography Competition

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The Club Life Photography Competition and Exhibition was a celebration of the past two years in the long history of this Surf Club, but most importantly it’s a celebration of Community – its generosity and resilience.

We had an overwhelming response to this competition, with over 300 entries, that all captured the Club Life spirit. Thanks to the generous sponsorship from Bondi Broker and the support of Waverley Council we are proud to announce the official winners of the competition: 

Overall Winner:   “Love Squad” by Walt Kennard
Best Image with a Phone:   “Off-Limits” by Denise Meuldijk
People’s Choice:   “By My Side” by Amani Hawa

Finalists in alphabetical order:

"A Rest Behind the Break"

The comp boards team takes a breather from their training as they wait for the next wave

"Australia Day Hit-Out"

Competition starts at transitions training kick off celebrations surf club-style on our national day

Photo taken by John Slaytor, January 2021

"BM1 Long Paddle"

A paddle to the shark buoy to build endurance during Icebreakers’ Bronze Medallion training

ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD – Photo taken by Daniel Rosado, October 2020

"Both Eyes on the Prize"

In the throws of action, oblivious to the camera and completely focused in the Aqua Caps’ flags

Photo taken by Rob Garland, February 2021

"By My Side" - People's Choice winner

Stretching your limits in the ocean with water safety right there beside you to see you back to the sand

Photo taken by Amani Hawa, March 2021

"Calmer Waters"

Laps in the Icebergs pool help keep up swim fitness when heading out in big surf isn’t an option

Photo taken by Dale Goulding, April 2021

"Christmas Paddlers"

Yuletide boards quickly became a tradition with a Santa hat and reindeer antler dress code

Photo taken by Isabella Dobozy, December 2019

"Cloud Shark"

A fast-moving shelf cloud envelops Bondi at sunset with seagulls waiting on the darkened shoreline

Photo taken by Dov Frazer, April 2020

"Early Morning Swimmers"

There’s nary a wetsuit in sight when the Club’s year-round body surfers head out at dawn

RUNNER UP – Photo taken by Alex Smiley


The My Wave scored wave event is everyone’s favourite at the annual Clubbie Classic

"Friends, Neighbours and Rivals"

Bondi SBLSC v North Bondi SLSC at the start of COVID-postponed 78th Stan Mac Relay

Photo taken by John Slaytor, November 2020

"Game On"

Lifesavers compete every Sunday morning, rain or shine, in our long-standing tradition of surf races

Photo taken by John Slaytor, December 2020

"Heading Out Together"

Active Patrolling members and Associates alike head out at dawn for a dose of “vitamin sea”

Photo taken by Walt Kennard, April 2021

"In the Swim"

Stretching out and joining the Nippers Brown Cap swim to the cans for some underwater action

Photo taken by Rob Garland, February 2021

"Love Squad" - Overall Winner

The Club’s Friday morning ins-and-outs session shares the beach with ocean swim groups

Photo taken by Walt Kennard, April 2021

"Off Limits" - Best Image with a Phone

COVID lockdown meant Bondi and other eastern beaches were fenced off and all stayed home

Photo taken by Denise Meuldijk, April 2020

"Out-Back Celebration"

Swim Sisters and their Bondi trainers stop for a bit of fun during their ocean swimming session

HIGHLY COMMENDED – Photo taken by Amani Hawa, March 2021

"Packed to the Rafters"

The Club’s bushfire relief efforts saw the community come together in our Main Hall

Photo taken by Nick Nezval, January 2020

"Pick Me Up"

IRB competition is on during the winter but the high adrenaline training including pick ups is year-round

ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD – Photo taken by Nixy Krite, February 2021

"Pleasure or Pain?"

A competitor can’t stop smiling as he pushes himself in the Sunday morning tube race

Photo taken by John Slaytor, December 2020

"Punching Through"

An all-female IRB racing crew punches through a shore breaking wave on their way out to the can

Photo taken by Tim Read, April 2021

"Rainbow Day"

A double rainbow was cause for excitement on an otherwise gloomy-looking Nippers morning

Photo taken by Rob Garland, February 2021

"Ready GO"

Ski starts training is at the more-protected northern end alongside North Bondi competitors

Photo taken by Isabella Dobozy, October 2019


Fun and games out the back with a rolling race at the Club’s annual Christmas boards celebrations

Photo taken by Neil Collins, December 2020

"Rolling Start"

The format for this year’s Bondi Blue Water Challenge was changed due to COVID restrictions

Photo taken by Alex Smiley, February 2021

"Sage Advice"

Boards competitors pause during training in the southern corner for coaching words of wisdom

Photo taken by Walt Kennard, April 2021

"Skis at Sunrise"

The Club’s ski paddlers are always the first in the water with training sessions starting at 5:45am

Photo taken by Tim Read, February 2021

"Smiles All Around"

The ultra-popular Dippers, a partner program with AutismSwim, is in its second year at Bondi

Photo taken by Gavin Little, February 2021

"Time to Call It"

Nothing stops BREMS heading out, not even the darkest of mornings before daylight savings’ end

Photo taken by Garry Beath, April 2021

"We Are Women"

Bondi’s current female membership celebrate the 40-year mark in their own way after a swim

Photo taken by Mona Sorenson, September 2020

"What Makes Us Stronger"

We are what we are because of every one of our members - mosaic of 1600 early morning images

Photo created by Garry Beath, from photos taken between November 2020 – January 2021

"Women Turn 40"

Commemorating the 40-year anniversary of women lifesavers at Bondi SBLSC.

Photo taken by Tim Read, September 2020

All printed finalist images in the Exhibition were a part of the Silent Auction and proceeds go to Lifesaving equipment and educational programs for BSBLSC.  

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