Become a Bondi Lifeguard

Do you want to become a Bondi Lifeguard?

Becoming a Bondi Lifeguard is hard but rewarding.  To become a Bondi lifeguard you need to hold a Gold Medallion in Surf Rescue. Then you apply to join through the Waverley Council.

The Council selects and pays Lifeguards .  They use the guidelines of the professional Lifeguard association.  The Australian Professional Ocean Lifeguard Association Inc (APOLA Inc) is a non-profit professional association that is the peak professional association for Lifeguards (learn more here).

We work closely with the Lifeguards at Bondi Beach and each year this dedicated group work 365 days to ensure people are safe on the beach.

How can the surf club assist?

Bondi Surf Club can provide many of the qualifications needed too be a Lifeguard.  First, you become an active member of a SLSA lifesaving club and get a Bronze medallion.  You then complete the Advanced Resuscitation, and Silver Medallion Beach Management awards.   Once you have these qualifications you can undergo a swim test.  The Gold Medallion swim test time is 800m in 14 minutes.  However the standard for Waverley Lifeguards is 800m in 13 minutes. It is important to do those hours in the pool!

Become a Lifesaver

Once you have the qualifications and the swim test completed you can attend a Gold Medallion test.  Achieving the Gold Medallion is a great first step.  You will then need to apply for a role to become a Bondi Lifeguard with the Council.  They will hold a selection process before the start of summer.  Given the profile of Bondi, it is highly competitive.

Learn More about the Gold Medallion

Our trained volunteers patrol Bondi Beach during the weekends and public holidays from October – April. It is a good way to develop an understanding of the beach and meet the Lifeguards.

If you are interested in training for the Bronze Medallion, please find more details on the course, dates and timings here.