Clubbie of the Month

September 2020 Clubbie of the Month

Matt Malcom Those entering the Club through the wet entry would have noticed the rust removed from the doors and a fresh coat of paint .  This month’s Clubbie of the Month offered to spend a few days improving the look of this area and he did a great job. So thanks to Matt Malcom, […]

June 2020 Clubbie of the Month

Andrew Hoppe and Denise Meuldijk Andrew Hoppe and Denise Meuldijk – our COVID Safety Coordinators – are our June Clubbies of the Month.  Behind the scenes they did a tonne of work checking forms, reading guidelines, printing posters and working with Romy and Kieran to be able to reopen the Club to members (see their update below). We […]

April 2020 Clubbie of the Month

Scott Laney Scott is a member of the Raise Your Hand Committee that makes recommendations to the Board of Management on assistance to eligible Club members who are suffering hardship, normally through non-refundable capped grants. He’s also joined 14 others checking in on more than 150 of our oldest members as part of a Welfare Committee initiative. Scott […]

March 2020 Clubbie of the Month

James Allison One of our early morning swimmers, James has also been quietly carrying out a very important job for the club, hosting in his warehouse 34 pallets of our supplies for the bushfires. He’d turned up in the Main Hall, ready to get his hands dirty on one of those mad mornings in early January […]

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