Life saving

The SLSA strategic plan

SLSA has worked over the past few years to create a clear plan for the movement based around the overall vision of Zero preventable deaths in Australian waters This ties in very neatly with the Bondi club vision of “No Lives Lost” To achieve this goal, SLSA aims to: Extend lifesaving coverage to match community […]

Our Patrol Area

As part of our Our Life Saving Agreement we commit to an area of operations. There is a Primary area of operations which is where Patrols actively operate and act on any incidents or safety concerns. For Bondi this area is Ramp 5 near North Bondi (Map location or see location), to the Bondi Icebergs (see location). There is […]

Westpac Lifesaver Helicopter

Chat with the Westpac Lifesaver Helicopter (Lifesaver 21) crew at North Bondi Surf Club. Lifesaver 21 is available to assist any patrol in need of their specialized retrieval and rescue capabilities, but few patrolling members are familiar with how to call them in and what to expect when they arrive. Stewart Bailey, North Bondi Life […]

Call out teams

Call out teams are available 24/7 to provide support during incidents that occur outside of normal patrol hours. Surf Life Saving NSW runs a Surf Rescue line that emergency services can call when surf rescue resources are needed.  The Operations centre will then determine what is needed and start making calls / SMS to assemble […]

Media at lifesaving incidents

The media is often very interested in the activities at Bondi Beach. As one of the most internationally known locations in Australia, and with so many tourists every year, Bondi regularly features in new reports on the weather, the surf, Christmas, Australia Day and hot days. Generally these reports can be managed by the Patrol Captain […]

Drones … the next evolution in lifesaving technology

Drones are starting to be tested for a variety of uses in Surf Life Saving.  They can be used to patrol large areas, spot unidentified marine animals…. (Shark!), improve awareness of a incident by providing a video feed, or even completing a rescue – see video below. In Sydney Branch a roster is forming of […]


Apologies all, I was hoping the seas would have dropped a bit by today, but with a high tide at 11:30 (and water already coming over the side at 9) there is a reasonable chance the pool will be a whiteout so the swim test at 12 is CANCELLED.   We will look to setting […]

Support Operations – Surf Rescue resources

Support Operations are run at a Branch level to support all clubs. While patrols and IRB can manage many situations, there are instances where we may need more help. Besides support from North Bondi and Tama/Bronte, where they can send personnel or IRBs to support us, there is also a District Jetski (RWC), a Branch […]

Swim test for coming season Bronze courses

Swim Test (400m in under 9minutes) will be run on Sunday 3rd June so you can see if you would pass the entry swim for Bronze Medallion this coming season (details on Bronze courses here).  The water will still be quite warm (around 19 degrees at present), and if you don’t make the time will […]

Severe Bleeding / Trauma Kit

Severe bleeding kits are held in the Patrol tent and in the First Aid room.  They are designed to have all the key items for a major bleeding event (eg. fin chops, Shark!, car accident).   How to use the Emergency Bandages in the kit:  

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