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we can do more when we work together.

Here at Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club we have Community at our heart. Not just our club community, but the whole community. We have been a part of and established some great initiatives over the years and have some fantastic ongoing events that we encourage all of the community to get involved in.

What we have been doing:

We recently held the: Club Life Photography Competition and Exhibition

The Club Life Photography Competition and Exhibition was a celebration of the past two years in the long history of this Surf Club, but most importantly it’s a celebration of Community – its generosity and resilience.

We had an overwhelming response to this competition, with over 300 entries, that all captured the Club Life spirit. Thanks to the generous sponsorship from Bondi Broker and the support of Waverley Council we are proud to announce the official winners of the competition: 

Announcing the winners:

Overall Winner - "Love Squad"

The Club’s Friday morning ins-and-outs session shares the beach with ocean swim groups

Photo taken by Walt Kennard, April 2021

Best Image with a Phone - "Off-Limits"

COVID lockdown meant Bondi and other eastern beaches were fenced off and all stayed home

Photo taken by Denise Meuldijk, April 2020

People's Choice - "By My Side"

Stretching your limits in the ocean with water safety right there beside you to see you back to the sand

Photo taken by Amani Hawa, March 2021

To view all Finalists visit:

If you have any questions you can contact us on:

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