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Become a Life Saver at Bondi

Become a life saver at Bondi and you will have great fun and meet lots of new friends.  The first step to be an active member is gaining your Bronze medallion.  Our volunteers patrol Bondi Beach during the weekends and public holidays over the months of October – April.

To enroll in the course you must complete a swim of 400m in less than 9 minutes. You will be tested on the First day of your course. 

To become a Life Saver  at Bondi you must be over the age of 15 and complete the SLSA Bronze Medallion course to learn and demonstrate proficiency in surf awareness, survival, patrol and rescue procedures as well as emergency care.

If you are interested in becoming a Life Saver at Bondi by training for the Bronze Medallion please find more details on the course, dates and timings here. 


Transfers from other Clubs

If you already have a Bronze Medallion from another surf club you can request a transfer to Bondi Surf Club through the SLSA members portal.  Please also email the club in advance of the transfer request so we can check it comes through.

Junior lifesaver (Nipper)

Bondi Surf Club has been training junior lifesavers for over 50 years. Children between the ages of 5 to 14 are able to start on the path to getting the famous red and yellow uniform, joining the weekend patrols on Bondi Beach and compete for the club. Please visit our Nippers Page for more details.

Associate Member

If you are unable to be an Active member you can still be part of the Bondi Surf Club community with:

  • Use of the club facilities including gym, change rooms, showers and steam room
  • Social events at the club house in the stunning Bondi Blue Room overlooking the beach
  • Participation in club functions, events, BBQ’s, fundraising activities

Associate members do not undertake patrol duties or compete for the club.  You can join as an associate member here.


How to Join the Club

There are two ways to join:
Option 1:  JOIN ONLINE – Join at the Surf Life Savings Online Portal:

Option 2:  VISIT OUR OFFICE  – Come down during office hours, contact details here

Not sure yet? Sign up below and get more info.



Some further information on how to become a life saver at bondi

Over an 8 week course, we will train you to be the first responder in an emergency all whilst gaining a nationally recognised qualification (Certificate II in Public Safety – aquatic rescue). The course spans:

  • Surf awareness – How to read and negotiate the surf
  • Beach awareness – Learning about the beach and how to read a new beach
  • Basic first aid – Bandaging, treating bone, joint, muscular & common beach injuries and how to treat stingers.
  • Patient Management – How to approach someone you are concerned about and how to proceed with treatment
  • Advanced First Aid – Resuscitation and managing an unconscious patient
  • Basic Spinal management – Stabilisation of spinal injuries
  • Communication – With Radios and non- verbal communication
  • Assisted oxygen – How to administer and when
  • Defibrillator – When to use and how
  • Rescues – Board, Tube and non-equipment
  • Fitness – Running, swimming and paddling in the surf
  • Patrol operations – How to be an active member of the patrol and club
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