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No Lives Lost at Bondi Beach



 The clubs has several types of sponsorship available

  1. Sponsorship agreement  eg for a section, exclusive rights for a number of years, signage on the club,
  2. Sponsorship of Lifesaving equipment
  3. Product in kind
  4. Collaborate on Merchandise – swimwear, active wear, sunglasses,

Sponsorship Agreements

Sponsorship agreements are made to secure exclusive rights for a period of time for events or equipment.


Note: As Bondi Surf Club operates with volunteers all sponsorship agreements are subject to our standard terms and conditions.

Lifesaving Equipment

To sponsor lifesaving equipment fill in this form or write to:

Provide your ABN, Name and email address and details of the items your would like to sponsor. The Office will provide an invoice for payment, and instructions to provide logos, signage for the item requested.

Note:  All costs are excluding signage costs – printing costs will be added to your invoice but fulfilled by the surf club unless you wish to provide the signage.

Sponsorship itemsCost excluding signage, including GST
Surfboat and trailer with cover$35,000
Set of oars$4,000
Inflatable Rescue Boat, fully outfitted$20,000
IRB motor on own$5,000
IRB Personal Flotation Device$500
Double size tent$6,000
Single size tent$3,000
Competition top$30 each depending on numbers
Rescue Board$2,000
First Aid Course$150
Clock$25,000  * Limited offer
Tent Signage$5,000 a month,
$30,000 for season
Double ski$3,200
Single ski$2,000
Racing board$1,100
Non Signage Items 
Digital Radio$5,000
Rescue tube * no signage$300

Product In Kind

We accept a limited number of product in kind donations the current openings are for

  • Sunscreen – large pumps for use on patrol
  • SEO/Webservices and Marketing
  • PR
  • Graphic Design
  • Sponsorship and marketing activities

Contact if you are interested in providing product in kind donation or wish to volunteer your time.

We currently receive product in kind for

  • BBQ & Fresh Fruit product – Harris Farm Markets
  • BBQ volunteers – Pappas Paella
  • Sunglasses – Hawkers


Bondi Surf club collaborated with local brands we love to support local brands and designers leveraging the Bondi Surf Club brand

  • Duskii
  • Mojo Clothing
  • Ecto Handplanes
  • cover Me Jules

Thank You To All Our Sponsors

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