Brand guidelines

When working with Bondi Surf Bathers’ Life Saving Club please keep in mind our Brand Guidelines.  Please also provide us any key information about the use of your key brand assets.

Preferred naming

For organisation:

  • Bondi Surf Bathers’ Life Saving Club
  • Bondi SBLSC
  • Bondi Surf Club
  • Bondi Nippers

Preferred way to refer to lifesavers:

  • Bondi Lifesaver
  • Bondi Nippers


Bondi SBLSC uses Blue and white as the club colours, our lifesaving cap for comeptition is blue and white quarters.

Bondi Blue is PMS2955C or hex #003865 or RGB 0, 56, 101

Our Trademarks

Trade mark 939774 – words Bondi Surf Club

Trade mark 939775 – Bondi Surf Club logo

Trade mark 1886556 – Bondi reel and wave logo

Trade mark 1167309- Bondi reel and wave logo with reel

Trade mark 1361094 – words Bondi Nippers *

Trade mark 1886546 – Bondi Nippers logo

Social Media Hashtags



Downloadable copies of our logo can be found here in all resolutions

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