Current Year’s Fees

Current Year's Fees

The fees for the 2021/22 season (1 May 2021 to 30 April 2022) are:
Membership Fees Per Annum
Pay before 21/07/2021
Pay after 31/08/2021
Life member, Veteran*, Honorary$0$0
Active (18+), Active Reserve and Long Service$90$125
Active (15-17 years)$40$50
Cadet (14-15 years)$30$30
Leave of Absence / Country$45$60
Bronze Medallion Course**$500$500
Bronze Medallion Course
(non-member < 18)
Bronze Medallion Course
(existing member- SRC or General)
Nippers – First Child Registration Fee $150
Nippers – Additional Child Registration Fee $100
Other Fees
Craft storage fee (non-competitor)$250
Locker Fee$60
Locker Key Deposit$10
Locker Key Replacement$15
Gym Access (15-17 years)$110
Gym Access (18 years plus)$250
Gym Access (Associate)$310
New Security Tag (if lost only)$30
Parking sticker (Active patrolling members)
Valid from 1 June
Parking sticker
Valid from 1 June

* Note: Veteran (minimum requirement is at least 70 years of age and a member of the Club for 50 years).

** Note: The Bronze Medallion course is offered to new Active (18+) members who don’t have a bronze medallion from another surf club. This includes a joining fee, membership for 2 seasons, 8-week training programme, Resource Fee, Uniform, First Aid and Advanced Resuscitation courses.

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