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Surf Sports

Bondi Beach Surf Sports

Surf Sports, representing some of the oldest traditions in Surf Life Saving has a long history at Bondi Surf Club.

In 1915, the first Australian Surf Titles took place at Bondi Beach. Only two events were recognised at those championships; the open surf race and the open six-person R&R. Bondi won both events.

At the 2015 Australian Surf Life Saving Championships, Bondi’s 5-man R&R team won the gold medal, making us the only club to win events at both the first and 100th centenary championships.

Whether you aspire to be a more competent Lifesaver or represent your State or Country, Surf Sports at Bondi has pathways to help you achieve your goals.

We have coaches in all Surf Sports disciplines and hold regular training sessions. We cater for members from age 14 to Masters (30 years and over).

To keep up with the training program visit our Facebook Training group.

The Bondi Surf Sports Team regularly participates at local, state, national, and world championships.

To compete in Surf Sports you must hold a Surf Bronze Medallion.

Our Mission

To be an encouraging and inclusive surf sports program that provides training to improve skills for both lifesaving and competition for members of all ages.

See you on the beach!

Beach Surf Sports at Bondi Beach


Beach events are held in the sand and include sprints, relays, flags and runs.

Craft Sports at Bondi Beach


Board and ski events include single surf ski races, double surf ski races, surf board races and relays.

Inflatable Rescue Boats Sports at Bondi Beach


Inflatable rescue boat (IRB) competitions include rescues and relays.

Rescue and Resuscitation Sports at Bondi Beach


The Rescue and Resuscitation (R&R) competition provides the opportunity for SLSA members to demonstrate in a competitive manner some traditional rescue and resuscitation techniques used in Surf Life Saving.

Surf Boats Sports at Bondi Beach

Surf Boats

A boat crew shall consist of five competitors, four of whom shall be “rowers” and a “sweep” who controls the boat by use of a sweep oar and commands to the rowers.

Swim Sports at Bondi Beach


Swimming ability is a prime factor in surf lifesaving. SLSA Swimming events have been designed to encourage members to keep fit for lifesaving duties.

Bondi Blue Water Challenge is thrilled that the Can Too Foundation is our 2019 health and wellbeing partner. While the Bondi Blue Water Challenge event raises money for Bondi Bathers Surf Club, we also want to support those who battle the waves not just for their own health and wellbeing but to help others’ by raising money for cancer research and prevention.

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