How to Join

Join the Club 

There are three types of Membership

  1. Nipper 5-14 years of age 
  2. Associate membership 
  3. Active Member  + 15 years of age 

Nipper or Nipper Parent

If you have a child between 5-14 years please visit the Nippers Page or email

Associate Members 

For those that are not ready to undertake the Bronze Medallion, you may join as an Associated member.  This allows you use of the most iconic surf club in Australia, participate in club functions. A few volunteer activities are required. There are a limited number of Associate memberships.  

Active Members - What is a Surf Life Saver?

A surf lifesaver is a trained volunteer that patrols our beaches on the weekends. They undertake a number of roles including aquatic rescues, providing first aid and emergency care and providing surf safety information to the public. You must obtain a surf life saving bronze medallion to become a Surf Life Saver.  Once you pass your bronze you will be assigned to a patrol and patrol around 40 hours over the months of October - April. 

To become a Life Saver you this you must be over the age of 15 and take the Bronze Medallion course to learn and demonstrate demonstrate proficiency in surf awareness, survival, patrol and rescue procedures, emergency care plus anatomy and physiology.

Bronze Medallion courses are run during the season.  

If you do not have a Bronze Medallion please check out the our Facebook Page for induction sessions or contact to register your interest.  

How to Join the Club

To become a surf life saver at Australia's oldest club and most famous beach you have three options:-

Option 1:  JOIN ONLINE

Join at the Surf Life Savings Online Portal: 


Drop by and say 'Hi' to Louise and Viv in the office (Google Map)

  • MON - 9-3.30 pm
  • TUES-FRI  - 9-3.30 pm
  • SUN - 9-12

Note: you have to ring the doorbell to get to the office.  

Contact Details:

Clubhouse:   Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Beach (next to Bondi Pavilion)

Mail:             P.O. Box 7007 Bondi Beach NSW 2026
ABN:            78 306 614 913
ACN:            Y1775845

Phone:  +61 2 9300 9279
Fax:  +61 2 9300 9596


Note: new joiners have a $400 joining fee if you Don't have a bronze medallion from another surf club.

Membership Fees
Life Member Nil
Veteran* Nil
Active (18+), Active Reserve and Long Service $90.00
Active (15-18 years) $40.00
Cadet (13-14 years) $30.00
Associate $280.00
Competition Levy**** $150.00
Craft storage fee (non competitor) $250.00
Other Fees Due
Craft usage fee per piece $150.00
Locker Fee** $60.00
Gym Access (15-18 years)*** $110.00
Gym Access (18 years plus)*** $270.00
New Security Tag ( if lost only) $30.00
Donation – please consider making a donation, every little bit helps. A tax receipt will be supplied.