THE BONDI LIFESAVER A History of an Australian Icon by Sean Brawley



Bondi Surf Bathers' Life Saving Club (BSBLSC) has a proud tradition of "Vigilance & Service" in the sands of the iconic Bondi Beach.  The formation of which is a humanitarian movement that forms a unique aspect of Australian culture.  

This book written in celebration of the centenary (2007) acknowledges BSBLSC contribution to what is modern surf life saving:  surf reel, organised patrols, red and yellow patrol caps, bathing area flags and the form of interclub competition.


The history of Bondi's surf lifesavers is also the story of Australia's most famous beach and the community that surrounds it. For 101 summers members of Bondi SBLSC have volunteered to protect the surfing public. The Bondi Lifesaver explores the interactions between the 'Playground of the Pacific' and its 'bronzed lifesavers' and finds that both were always and inevitably tied to the fate of the other.

Based on extensive archival research and written by one of Australia's leading historians of surf lifesaving, this lavishly illustrated book is a 'must read' from 2007, the Year of the Surf Lifesaver.