Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club

No Lives Lost at Bondi Beach


The beginning of Bondi Surf Club

Bondi Surf Club was founded on 21st February 1907.  It is clear that thoughts were turning to surf safety by the turn of the 20th century, but as it was illegal to swim during daylight (due to the Police Offences Act of 1838) there had been no need to start formal organisations to protect the […]

1960s – This R&R Life Part 2

May 13, 2017 Unreliable History This (R&R) Life: Part II Our fabulous and famous R&R coaches, Harry Nightingale and Mick Cooksley, were sharp-eyed and unrelenting in forcing us to do everything in the same way and at the same speed. We spent many, many hours practicing it all — before and after school or work, […]

1960s – This (R&R) Life Part 1

Apr 26, 2017 Our master chronicler of all things Bondi, Alan Scott, has asked for contributions to supplement the huge amount of social history he has somehow managed to remember about that famous Australian beach suburb and our equally acclaimed surf club. He has suggested it may be interesting to explain to his many readers, […]

1962 – An Unreliable History – John Peard, The Bondi Bomber

Jun 07, 2017 When Johnny Peard was a Cadet Lifesaver down at Bondi, he was the smallest kid in the Club. (That is, until Greg (Beagle) Brodsky turned up.)  Along the way, John acquired the nickname of “Dissa”, as it suited his surname.  “Dissa” was always a fine swimmer and was a team member in the […]

A history of the Stan Mac Relay

Mar 17, 2017 The 1942/43 surf season marked the inaugural running of the Stan McDonald Relay, a twenty person-a-side surf relay between Bondi and North Bondi surf clubs. The race is now in its seventy-fifth consecutive year and is one of Australian sports most revered rivalries. Stan McDonald, head lifeguard on Bondi Beach, and also […]

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