Bondi Surf Club’s Ocean Surf Race (week 13) 18th December

  Dec 19, 2016 Due to the rough conditions and the presence of blue bottles, it was decided to call off the surf race. Which allowed for a few to run across to Icebergs to do the annual chicken swim. Everyone who was there at 10.30 was given 2 points for coming down for the […]

Bondi Surf Club’s Ocean Surf Race (week 12) 11th December

Dec 12, 2016 It was perfect conditions on the beach for Santa as well as a swim around the buoys. Bruce was the Patrol Captain in command of the beach of the mighty Jeppesen Patrol.  The buoys were set on time by JP positioned well for the rip.  Allowing a good long race. Lia returned to the swims […]

The Doctor Race Report

Dec 07, 2016 Team Bondi Race Report World Ocean Ski Race = The Doctor Perth Saturday 26th November 2016: You wouldn’t believe it …! The only real reliable thing is Western Australia is the 1.30pm cooling wind they call the Fremantle Doctor. Well the basted Doctor decided to have a flexiday! Defiantly another one of Western Australian […]

Bondi Surf Club Ocean Swim Race (Week 10) 27th November 2016

Nov 27, 2016 Short but sweet update. Meagher was on patrol with Roger Butler at the helm, supported by John Slack-smith as IRD.   The surf was messy with big sets coming through on a regular basis. It was decided to not hold the race due to conditions so all who came down got two points.  A […]

Ocean Surf Race (week 9) 21st November 2016

Nov 24, 2016 Fellow Surfers’, A great Sunday morning, with plenty of action within the patrol environment & in the surf.  Doing patrols over the last month, I can truly say our skill level is right up there.  The caliber & fraternity of our members is second to none & it’s a joy to be […]

Surf Race (week 8) 13th November

Nov 16, 2016 Fellow Surfers’, We were blessed with another great morning; the surf could have been a little better, however, nothings perfect. Firstly, I have two apologies from last week.  John Greaves did get to the buoys & go around them, which was a great effort, but better still, he still made it back […]

SURF RACE (week 7) 6th November 2016

Nov 10, 2016 Fellow Surfers’, Another fantastic morning, with a heavy angry swell, pumping into the Bay, with the odd pile driver coming through. The sun was out with a strong breeze, which tore up the swell to make it that more challenging. Pep was the Patrol Captain & James was on the beach, as […]

Surf Race Week 6 30th October 2016

Nov 08, 2016 SURF RACE (week 6) 30th October 2016 Fellow Surfers’, The best morning so far, some small waves, warm weather & clear skies.  I did my first patrol of the season under Siobhan O’Toole, who was filling in for Illya & did a great job.  She had the ducky & the buoys in the water & […]

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