Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club

No Lives Lost at Bondi Beach

Board of Management

Board of Management

Office Bearers 2023 - 2024


Deputy President

Director of Administration

Director of Education

Deputy of Education

Higher Awards

Bronze Coordinator

Proficiency Manager

Director of Finance

Deputy of Finance

Director of Junior Activities

Deputy Director of Junior Activities

Director of Life Saving

Captain of Life Saving

Life Saving Ops Manager

Gear Steward

First Aid Officer

Radio Officer

Destination Patrol Captain

Director of Marketing & Sponsorship

Deputy of Mkg & Sponsorship

Surfer Editor

Publicity Officer

Digital Marketing

Member Benefits

Social Secretaries

Director of Surf Sports

Deputy Director of Surf Sports

Club Coach

Junior Coach

Masters Captain

Swim Captain

Board Captain

Ski Captain

IRB Captain

Beach Events Captain

Pool Rescue Captain

Life Saving Events Captains

Ocean Events Captain

Youth Captain

R&R Captain

Surf Boat Captain

COVID Coordinator

Gym Manager


Member Services

Welcoming Officer

Recruitment & Retention Officer

Diversity & Inclusion

Member Protection & Welfare

Youth Development Officer

Archives Officers

Facilities Manager

Club Coordinator

Junior Finance

Junior Admin

OH &S Officer

Silver Salties Leader

Club Chaplain

ITC Manager

Brent Jackson

Felicity MacArthur

Gino Farina

Mason Kemeny

Olivier Brisse

Denise Meuldijk

Tom Hough & Lina Lydgback

Jonathan Potts

Thomas Wetula

David Van Gogh

Liz Webb

Kate Crisp

Simon Smith

Nixy Krite

Geoff Sumner

Michael Delaney

Steve Hackers

Laura Manuel

Kirstin Nagy

Brett Pattinson


Caroline Pierce




Lucy Jennings & Brett Pattinson

Dori Miller

Nick Nezval

Robert Chapman

Jay Houhlias

Jonathan Potts

Nick Nezval

Louise Santos

Will Hardman

Alex Ayscough

Alex Poresbski

Dori Miller

Michael Hallam & Noah Kaplan

Laura Thurtell

Lucy Alder


Andrew Hoggett

Denise Meuldijk

Jean Paul Buhagiar

Peter Quartly

Keiran Milne


Tom Nguyen

Alexandra Wilson

Andrew Every

Margie Markham

Leo Hyde & Peter Quartly

Pat Moore

Kathryn Horner

Shein Wang

Julie Engel

Leo Hyde 

Rozanne Green

Blake Hatton

Leo Hyde

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